Big Valley Municipal Library is governed by appointed trustees from the Village of Big Valley. Library board meetings are open to the public. Our current board chair is Asaph Ken Johnson and our library manager is Linda Stillinger.

Board Members

  • Asaph Ken Johnson (Board Chair)
  • Barb Skocdopole (Vice Chair/Treasurer)
  • Joan Grover (Secretary)
  • Marion Annable
  • Val Hallett
  • Jan Boice
  • Allan Clark
  • Clark German

Friends of the Library

The Big Valley Muncicipal Library also has a Friends of the Library Society.  The society raises money to support programs and other fun, educational, inspiring stuff at the library.  Contact Big Valley Municipal Library for more information or to join the Friends of the Library.

Friends of the Library Members

  • Chris Countryman (Chairperson)
  • Marie Gridley (Vice Chairperson)
  • Cindy Mailer (Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Marion Annable
  • Dorothy Dressler
  • Gail Knudson
  • Alenda Gridley
  • Shirley Vols
  • Andrea Webster
  • Erin Wilkie